"Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show yourself your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, effective, powerful creator that you've come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheer leading section. But I will not do for you that which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I'm always here to compliment or assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you".         





"Meeting Robin Modaffare brings new meaning to love at first sight. With her infectious laughter, she will ignite the reality within, that you have just found what you never knew you had always been looking for!  In moments you will begin to feel your heart center begin to open to connect to Source Love."  M.E., Seattle, WA.

Robin/Chenoa (White Dove) first became aware of her "insight" as a child.  Then as a young woman she had numerous opportunities to use her abilities; this guided her to hone her deep wisdom/knowing through extensive study of meta-physics, world religions, quantum physics, esoteric writings, diverse systems of healing, psychology and sociology.
 In the earlier part of her life, she was an avid student of the bible and religion; Robin received her credentials as an ordained Minister in 1991; her masters in Religion in 1993 and her certificate of Doctor of Philosophy in Religion in 2000.  The completion of her studies, as well as some years of extensive teaching and counseling resulted in the privilege of working (non-denominationally) with those that were guided to her for healing, counseling and a greater understanding of their purpose in this life and the challenges that they were facing.  It was during this time that Robin began to study and work with 'subtle' energies and healing techniques; this  eventually led her to her "true work" with individuals as a Light Facilitator. She has also been a practicing meta physician since 1989; or what one might call a "modern mystic" or "shaman". The last several years - she has presented a series of classes, teleconferences, intensives, workshops and conducted interviews and directed, as well as facilitated healing and co-creative groups around the country. This work has taken her to both coasts of the United States and many areas in-between.

Over the last 30 years Robin has continued her growth and education with Native American shaman and many other very "gifted" practitioners learning their traditions of healing.  The culmination of her extensive background has prepared her to teach a wide variety of classes.  She has also helped many find their "true path"  with I AM soul readings, workshops, seminars, retreats, intensives, mentoring and one on one private counseling sessions. 
        It is with the highest of intention and love and with complete clarity given her to aid others in their process; that she humbly offers her services to all as a Transformational Imagery Consultant, healer, writer, speaker and medium. Robin is able to channel energies to assist you to hear and access your own "I AM Presence" to realize your full potential and inner truth. 
        Robin has the mystical and magical ability to put into words what most only recognize as indescribable mysteries.  As she translates the information she is shown, your Divine Being awakens to the joy of understandable knowledge.  Currently practicing in Arizona (having spent much of her life on both coasts of the U. S.) it is her life's work to assist those who desire to know themselves  
   and to work toward becoming an "awakened-being" - one who will recognize 
      that they are  Love and potentially, a "fully conscious" participant in the
                      "greatest evolution" that  Mankind has ever seen.



About Us


A Bit About Robin

 Robin's work over 3 decades now, has resulted in "miraculous" growth & healing for many beautiful souls. As host of "Conversations With Spirit" a Talk Radio Show Robin has begun to take her "love based" and powerful messages to those seeking greater "peace"....bringing understanding, 'light', transformation & joy - as they come to a deeper relationship with their Source.
She brings a message of Divine simplicity, Light, Presence, Unconditional Love and the Highest Vision possible for all of mankind. Her "invitation" is - to have you "come" and "play" with her on that stage....The stage of "being human". To see yourself she sees you.....As the perfect, loving and PURE expression of the Creator - Itself.
As the embodiment of an "energy" whose essence is Source...Robin brings the 'fullness' of her masterful "knowing"... to each precious and miraculous experience with you in order to - "open the gates" to the Light of "bring forth" that which will serve you in the highest. Admittedly... only a facilitator for this All Knowing Source......Robin gives herself completely to each and every "meeting" with those who are seeking to "know themselves" in order that they might come back into that beautiful essence, frequency and vibration .....that is their natural way of expressing. 


A Message

 So many of us, in our endeavor to "become spiritual" or "whole" have sought after "teachers", "teachings", modalities, tools and philosophies that we hoped would "open doors" and shed some BIG LIGHT on who we really are and what we are doing here; only to make some good progress....for a while.....and then "falling" right back to the "place"- we started from...experiencing the same patterns, spirals, relationships, blocks and experiences that 'called' us to begin our search in the first place.
This is a very common experience for those of the "earth-human" life.....and we are here to offer you a FRESH new look at this situation and to initiate the ALCHEMY...OR SPIRITUAL RE-CALIBRATION...that will "set you on your ...PURE-path" to all that you are seeking. We have entered a "new light"...that means that you have too.....So please do yourselves the great service of just "showing up" and making yourself receive the transmissions of light and love from your Source that will generate the ABUNDANCE - WEALTH - HEALTH - LOVE, SUCCESS - AND JOY that is your ABSOLUTE DIVINE INHERITANCE AND DIVINE RIGHT. 


Additional Education & Experience

 Soul Retrieval, Multidimensional Weaving, Angelology Ascension & the Merkabah (Mahatma studies with Brian Grattan/Peter Piesecky) Flower of Life & Sacred Geometry (Drunvalo Melchizedek's teachers) Personal Dynamics - relationship & interpersonal healing; Dr. William Guillory) Course in Miracles (19 years of studies) Channeling & Teachings of the Inner Christ (Rev. Christie Jensen, Teacher & Past Director of Angel Network Charities; Hawaii) Studies in Oneness & Human Potential with Bill Bauman Ph.D. (Creator of the World Peace Institute in Washington, D.C. & Founder of the Center for Soulful Living). Awareness Release Technique or A.R.T. - healing modality, (Katherine Nash) Masterminding & Keys to Consciously Creating  (Kahu Fred Sterling, Honolulu, Hawaii). Holodynamics, Tree of Life Studies, Cabala, Dreams & Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astral Travel, Aura Work, Protection & Energetic Healing (Rev. Anaiis Salles, Founder of The Global Federation of Energy Medicine) as well as many  other modalities of healing; Holistic as well as Shamanic